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Best Books for BITS Admission Test (BITSAT) Preparation

  Updated on : 10/03/2017

 by : Admin

BITS Pilani is one of the common entrance examinations for securing admission to Birla Institute of Technology. However, as the questions and exam pattern differ, so do the BITSAT preparation. Moreover, to prepare for the examination you need to select the right kind of books. The aspiring students need to choose the right material to follow so that they can evaluate and come out the best among all candidates.The obvious reasons for looking and finding books related to BITS Admission Test have never been a piece of cake. Regardless of the number of competitive exams you take up searching for the best books for BITSAT preparation can be tough just like other entrance examination.As only sometimes we are still having in hand for BITSAT 2017, we must select the best books with a clear precision and narrow our research process to crack the exam easily.BITSAT exam pattern is as same as JEE main so you can follow some of the common entrance exam books similar to JEE. These are the references and the previous year’s sample and study material that can help you to move ahead for BITSAT preparation.·         Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test with Past 2005-2015 Solved Papers & 5 Mock Online Tests Paperback by Disha Experts (Author)English & Logical Reasoning for BITSAT with 10 Mock Tests (5 in Book and 5 Online Tests)·         Self-Study Guide for Online BITSAT 2017 Paperback by Arihant Experts·         Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test with Past 2005-2015 Solved Papers & 5 Mock Online Tests·         10 Practice Papers BITSAT Paperback  by GKP·         Handbook of Physics, Chemistry & MathematicsNow we will share the name of the books as per the subject.For Physics, students can study the following books such as – ·         NCERT Physics Part 1 and Part 2 Textbook for Class XII·         Concepts of Physics by H. C Verma Vol 1 and Vol 2·         Understanding Physics Series by D. C PandeyFor Chemistry, students can refer the following books such as – ·         NCERT Chemistry Part I and II Class 12th·         Physical Chemistry by P. Bahadur·         Inorganic Chemistry by O. P. Tandon·         Organic Chemistry by Arihant (Theory & Practice)For Maths, students can refer the following books such as – ·         NCERT Maths Part 1 and 2 Class 12·         Objective Mathematics by R. D. Sharma Refer to these books mentioned above and crack the BITS admission test easily. demo

BITSAT 2017: Know how students are preparing

  Updated on : 13/02/2017

 by : Admin

A person who is appearing for BITSAT knows well that scoring marks of 320 are something good for a BITSAT cracker, but someone getting above 350 is exceptionally decent and a top-grade student. To all those students who are appearing in BITSAT 2017, need to understand the underlying difference between JEE and BITSAT. The BITSAT preparation tips must identify one basic difference between JEE and their pattern – BITSAT limits itself to short and tricky question whereas JEE delves more into lengthier questions.Here we have thus laid down some great examples and tips on BITSAT preparation 2017 to help students score some better marks than expected.1.       Do not stay stuck on a single topic for a long timeAn essential point that falls under BITSAT preparation tips is to dig into a topic for a long time. When you look for tips on BITSAT preparation2017, all the guides will clearly tell you that learn and revise a topic not more than one or two hours, then shift to another. The subjects like mathematics or organic chemistry and other quick learning stuff should be a part of your BITSAT preparation tips.2.       Start with an easy portion in your question paperwhen you begin to write the BITSAT papers, you must start answering the easiest portions so that the logical or complicated problems does not make the whole paper appear more complex.3.       Practice mathematics a lot moreThe only subject that needs a lot of practice is mathematics because in this none of the logic is going to work. You need to be more practical and use your brainpower for this particular subject.4.       BITSAT is hard as IIT JEEHowever, BITSAT is equally hard as IIT JEE, so for BITSAT preparation 2017, though does not contain the entire syllabus of IIT JEE, but has some tricky question that increases complexity. Get all the formula on your tips and try to cover easy topics to score more are the best BITSAT preparation tips ever.5.       Make a plan to solve the question paper When you appear for the BITSAT exam make sure that, you have solved at least a set of questions as you planned during preparation. However, whatever you plan for, it is important to attempt total 120 questions - where English part has 20 questions, Math, Chemistry each has 35 questions, and Physics has 30 set of questions. Attempt 100 questions correctly and make sure you do not give chance to doubled questions.demo

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