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How I made my career in engineering - the challenges & successes

  Updated on : 25/01/2017

 by : Admin

Now almost a percentage of Science students after completing +2 try to make the shift to engineering. Yes, there parents and even the students themselves see a shining future against a career in engineering. I too saw many chances when I enrolled myself in the engineering colleges after cracking the entrance exam.Engineering career path is though not so smooth as it hears. People often people feel that doing engineering is easy as you have less pressure in your education and courses. But most are thinking wrong as there are bigger challenges to meet if you take up a career in engineering.1.       Working alone is tough during engineering. I was not habituated to work in the team, but during the engineering career path I got to learned it and in the professional life I finally got to apply and became a good team player.2.       A career in engineering also taught me that life is uncertain. You do not know what will happen next. But you need to follow your passion for connecting with the right person.3.       I learn about accountability that brought me results, if not during the engineering career path, but during my professional life.4.       Engineers are now overburdened work and in the earlier life, during the college day`s, they were so carefree. But in colleges, we are taught how to balance our personal and work life, but we intend to ignore it most of the days.So if you have chosen an engineering career path you do not need to worry as challenges which you face today can help you to become a great achiever in the professional life.demo


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