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Who earn more money, Mechanical Engineers or Civil Engineers?

  Updated on : 10/02/2017

 by : Admin

Electrical and mechanical engineers secure the most jobs in US and across the world. Even in India if we look carefully, these are the two fields, which have created more job opportunities. The salary of the mechanical engineers compared to those of civil engineers is different. The mechanical engineers and civil engineers both are core-engineering education so both have immense scope.If you look into the scale between both the fields, and judge the aspect via Mechanical vs. Civil Engineers you will see that both are equally high paid jobs. However, the mechanical engineers have earned high salaries in the past few years from the oil and gas extraction industry. Nevertheless, if we compare their job with the civil engineers you will find that they too have earned a high scale pay in the commercial and industry machineries. Even the equipment repair and maintenance industry is also allowing the civil engineers to get a high annual mean salary.Civil engineers work on the construction projects for structure, roads, and buildings. Whereas the mechanical engineers look into the design, build and testing of the mechanical devices. If we compare Mechanical vs. Civil Engineers both the field requires the candidates to gain a bachelor’s degree in mechanical and civil engineering. If you want to secure a high paid job then you must not restrain yourself to an undergraduate degree. You can move ahead, secure a postgraduate degree in respective field, and earn more.With a professional licensing and securing, a higher degree can help to get more credits. So whatever may be the engineering course you take up whether it is mechanical or civil both the career allow a high pay, more experience and better practicality towards the environment around you.There is a common myth that both civil engineering and mechanical engineering are tough fields. The syllabus is tough and thus most of the candidates do not fill up the seats in civil or mechanical engineering colleges. They feel to study computer science as they feel the placement would be easier. However, there are more scopes of career building in mechanical and civil as they work close to Mother Nature, whose elements are undying and will keep on creating more jobs for both these fields. Mechanical vs. Civil Engineers we cannot compare as both they are at par and both the domain creates immense job opportunities and let people enjoy a greater payment.demo


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