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What does it mean to be a Quality Engineer?

  Updated on : 12/12/2016

 by : Admin

Now, that you are done with your 12th, you may wonder, what could be my next step to polish my career? Engineering is one of the sought after field to be precise that can give a boost to your future. Though there are different 'trademarked' fields and career in engineering, new trends are showing up that are creating quite a buzz. One such field is Quality engineer. When you take up this field, you work as a professional who knows the principles of service quality evaluation of a product, understands quality control and takes responsibility of the maximum customers satisfaction. When you take up this disciple, you need to do in-depth analysis of product manufacturing at different stages; this will improve the output quality and will benefit your company.Having a career in engineering, you have to work with production staff, departmental managers and suppliers that will ensure to ensure quality, aim to minimize the charges of reworking or waste & maximize customer satisfaction.What you need to study for a career in engineering?You need to complete your graduation in engineering first in science stream. Then, you can take up Quality engineering as your niche. For instance, in U.S. you can be CQE, Certified Quality engineer of you have a combination of 8 years of experience and a post-secondary education. After your join a company as Quality Engineer, you will analyze root problems and take proactive measures to eliminate quality issues and hence reduce the failure risks. There you have a bright scope to implement your knowledge and produce the refined product in the market. demo

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