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Engineering Degree - How my college education impacted my career

  Updated on : 12/12/2016

 by : Admin

Being an engineer that too in Computer Science was like a dream came true. It was tough for me to prepare for the entrance exams as I was never a bookworm and staying awake late at night and reading out tons of book for an engineering degree was really tough thing to achieve. But I did. I was there ready to build my engineering career with Computer Science as a course.The undergraduate course of engineering is always presumed to be easy with chilling out with friends to watching movies and doing night-outs. I don't disagree, I too found that in the earlier days of my college, but soon some classes grew so interesting to me and ultimately the engineering education turned out to be a boon. It was during the college that a person like me who had less relation with book and more with few friends came in contact with few lecturer and attended few internship programs that changed my view towards life. Life was not at all boring outside the college, it had numerous challenges that a person would love to accept. During my college it was all theoretical knowledge but later I got the opportunity to apply them in my professional life practically. Learning JAVA was one of the favorite things during Semester VI and later it was database administration and other topics that kept me glued. Though I kept on reading the books just to pass the exams, and even faced many failures. But nothing kept me stuck on the same page I moved on with all my strength, inspiration from great coaches and a great college that helped to build a engineering career. So anyone taking up engineering education in 2017 should simply grab the opportunity that comes by their way. demo


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