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Can Engineers get job in the news channels?

  Updated on : 28/01/2017

 by : Admin

Engineering is a versatile degree, and there are varieties of career in Engineering. The choice and the preference of the career pathways and the jobs for engineers depend on the personal preference, other than a career in engineering.There are many engineering graduates who choose to pursue an MBA degree and shift to the corporate world, while others can switch to other career options such as the career in the academia through pursuing advanced research degrees in engineering or pure science, banking, finance, management etc.There are also media related jobs for engineers that one can choose. However, one will need to be very passionate about the media industry. There are various types of jobs for engineers available at the news channel and these are mentioned below:News channel jobs for engineers can include shift editor, freelance producer, news editor etc. However, those who are looking especially for the engineering job, then there are some positions and one such engineering job is software engineering job position that the media houses are eager to hire the engineers for. One can also work as a reporter for news channels.There are varieties of postgraduate courses that can also pursue which are ideal for news channel jobs for engineers. Some of these post graduate courses are:·         Post graduate diploma in Journalism·         Post graduate diploma in mass communication·         MSc in Digital media engineering- one can pursue various types of career after completing this master’s degree such as developer, web application lead developer etc.·         Diploma in sound engineering- this is also another type of degree that one can pursue if they want to professionally work in the media niche.There are some types of jobs that are available in the area of television broadcasting, which is listed below:·         News anchor·         Sales manager·         Studio engineer·         Graphics artistWhichever career path the engineer wants to follow, they can easily do so, but before choosing a career in any field, including media industry, one should definitely be genuinely interested in the career, rather than the popularity of the career. The job will become more interesting if one is truly passionate about the job and it will not get treated as a 9-5 job if done with interest. demo


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