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Scope of Girls in Mechanical Engineering

  Updated on : 13/12/2016

 by : Admin

Engineering is not based on genders. There are girls who have done Mechanical Engineering in their undergraduate classed and now Mechie by heart and soul. They are mostly fed up saying to people that they have chosen mechanical engineering by choice and they never repent for the decision they have taken. Girls in mechanical engineering are techies who just like other took up other engineering streams have enjoyed this course to the fullest. Mechanical engineering for most of the people is a field, which demands high physical labor. Well, that is true there are some instances where girls in mechanical engineering have to take up intense physical labor. However, there are many more aspects in mechanical engineering, which just asks you to sit in front of the computer the entire day. Yes, girls in mechanical engineering can easily take up such jobs after they graduate.The CAD modeling simulation, process planning, production management is some of the fields where girls do not need to put much strain. However, in mechanical engineering occasional visit to the site or floor might be required.The scope for doing mechanical engineering in India and especially for girls is quite bright. With Automation catching on like a fever these days, days of hard labor is soon going to be replaced and mechanical engineers would be required to put less stress in field works. Mechanical engineering is a beautiful field and in every aspect, it amazes the candidate with their revelation about Mother Nature.Most girls are not eager to take up mechanical engineering as they find it stereotypes. However, we can assure that it is not at all boring and has good career prospective. The career paths like CAD designers or a research fellow is equally competitive for both girls and boys. Apart from this, mechanical engineering also opens up career choices in its sub division such as manufacturing engineering, thermal engineering, engineering design, and industrial engineering.  With the automated process, many machines used in mechanical engineering firms are operated by the computerized numerical controls or CNC. Thus, girls in mechanical engineering can easily synchronize their career in designing, manufacturing, programming industries. We also suggest that you must build a career with your interest. If you feel interested in mechanical engineering do take it up. If you want instances to inspire you then we would be quite pleased to share a list of women who took up engineering and brought fame to the world –·         Ramkripa Ananthan, concept designer of Mahindra XUV 500·         Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors·         Anu Aga, MD of Thermax Limited·         Mrs. Poonawalla, CEO of Alfa Laval So girls what is keeping you down? If you are in class 12 and confused about which engineering field to choose, listen to yourself and choose a field that interests you.  demo


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