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How do I prepare for JCECE for securing 90+ marks?

  Updated on : 06/04/2017

 by : Admin

Let us see how one should prepare for JCECE 2017 if he or she is opting for this entrance this year. In this article, we aim to discuss the JCECE exam preparation tips quickly. We will like you to take a glance at the strategy to crack JCECE exam 2017 and refine your string and weak points to score 90+ marks.Let us look into the JCECE exam preparation tips –You need to focus on the important chaptersNot all chapters are important but some are definitely. When you prepare a strategy to crack JCECE exam, you should focus on the topics that have higher value such as Kinematics is essential chapter compared to Rotational Mechanics. You should be preparing in such a manner that easy question you are able to answer from all the chapters and difficult question from your favorite chapters.You need to revise moreThe strategy to crack JCECE exam in 2017 is to revise, revise and only revise. It is essential to go through your textbooks and mark the important points in theory, important formulas and their basic applications. You should be able to remember these points as most of the question in JCECE exam comes from Physics, Chemistry and Biology either they are theoretical in nature or they are numerical problems.Solve the sample or past year JCECE papersQuestions that come in JCECE exam are repetitive in nature. So you must be able to solve all the previous year’s questions before you attempt for the actual examination. You should be able to practice Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You should keep few things in mind when you prepare for this examination such as time limit. This will help you to acquire the actual feel of the JCECE exam.You must prepare keeping your strength and weakness in mindThe most essential JCECE exam preparation tips are to prepare as per your weakness and strength. It is not good to leave the entire chapter. For a chapter that you find difficult during the JCECE exam preparation it is better to note down the basic theory from NCERT and remember the formulas and solve basic numerals. This will help you to solve the simple data based questions. It is better to practice lessons online If you are taking up JCECE exam this year, the best strategy to crack JCECE exam is to solve questions online and arrange them as per your difficulty level and manage time and your weakness level as well. For more JCECE exam preparation tips, you can ask the ones who have appeared for the exam a year before or prior to that, as experience matters.demo


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