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How is the JEE Mains rank calculated?

  Updated on : 27/01/2017

 by : Admin

As the JEE Main 2017 is drawing near you are being more tensed and you are looking for all possible ways to stay on track. Among all the various details that you have searched about JEE entrance exam, one more thing that is keeping you busy is the way JEE entrance exam ranks are calculated.Candidates who are appearing for JEE Main 2017 must stay aware of the fact that admissions to NITs, IIITs and GFTIs and that are done based on their All India Rank. However, most of the JEE entrance exam aspirants may not know the fact that while calculating the JEE Main rank Class 12th marks are converted to normalized scores in order to calculate their composite score and award the desirable ranking against it.How is JEE entrance exam list prepared?If we look deep into the fact then you will come to know that JEE Main Rank List is ready with all the JEE Main 2017 composite scores & Normalized Marks of Class 12th. The ratios in which they are calculated are 60:40.To calculate the composite score they follow a simple numerical method, as follows –Composite Score = (JEE Main Marks)*60+ (Normalized score of Class 12th marks)*40 / 100How they calculate the normalized score of Class 12? Well, as per our view we have seen that normalized score is the average of 2 JEE Main scores. To get this score the examiner need to follow four easy steps –·         As per the class 12 result, the percentile is calculated suing the formula:Number of candidates in board with total marks less than you X 100 / Total no. of candidates in the entire group·         The score of all the JEE Main 2017 is arranged in a merit and as per percentile, they are chosen by various reputed colleges. Let this be A1.·         In step 3 of the process the JEE entrance exam score belonging to a corresponding JEE Main percentile is something that is next up the row to get figured out. Let this be A2·         Now in the fourth step you need to average A1 and A2 and get the composite score against which the rank for the JEE entrance exam rank will be decided.After all the scores in hands, the merit list is determined and the ranks are announced to the world. You must have gained much knowledge by this time, right? demo

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