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Concept, Strategy for SET 2017

  Updated on : 19/12/2017

 by : Admin

So you are going to appear for the Symbiosis entrance exam and you do not know what to do. Then you need to know what are the easy tips to crack the SET exam 2017. You need to take alarming step when you are taking up an entrance examination and in particular Symbiosis Entrance which is quite important to scan. SET is Symbiosis Entrance Test taken by Symbiosis University for admission in undergraduate courses. Here are the tips to get high score in SET 2017 which will help to understand the exam in a better manner. For SET exam preparation you need to follow -1.       Prepare and practice hard for the exams and get to know how things work out. You need to take up some of the subjects that will require more attention and concentration that will make things fall in places easily. It is important to practice more everyday so that you do not miss out anything or avoid any kind of silly mistakes that come on the path.2.       The tips to get high score in SET 2017 is better to take up mock tests that many institutes run or you can even take up some of the online mock exams as well. 3.       For SET exam preparation you need to be taking out time and segregating the time for each subject and concentrate and work on those. 4.       In order to score more and to have the latest SET exam preparation you need to understand and analyze the pages and see what works best for you. Then you will find that you need to take up the easy subject and refine your syllabus.5.       You need to bust your stress level and to do that you need to make sure that you have enough food and sleep before the exam. In another instance you need to understand that full dedication is required when you are about to prepare for the exam. 6.       When you are preparing for the exam make sure that you know the exam pattern and the question patterns as well for respective subjects. The more you are aware, the easy it becomes to crack the SET exam 2017. These are the most easy and best tips to get high score in SET 2017. If you are aiming for a good score then you need to prepare for it and see if you can get things fall in places. Symbiosis Entrance test is a little tough so you need to prepare yourself in a special order to crack the exam.demo

Exam Strategies How do I clear SET Exam 2017?

  Updated on : 02/03/2017

 by : Admin

In this article we are going to help the readers with some easy tips on National Eligibility Test (NET) and this will help them to have a secured career. We know that exam time is the most stressful one and you need to stay motivated at every step. We all know that National Eligibility Test (NET) is one of the difficult exams that happen in India. The paper is designed in such a way that it helps the organizations to filter the brilliant students who can later pursue their career as a lecturer or a research programmer.NET and SET exam 2017 are one of the toughest with a slight difference, the former occurs at a state level whereas the later one if as national level examination. However, the tips to crack both the exam are all the same. In this article, we are going to discuss the tips that one needs to keep in mind while preparing for the NET or SET exam 2017.It is important to note down the syllabusIt is important to know the syllabus of National Eligibility Test (NET) from beforehand. Make sure that you do not feel screwed up with the topics that belong out of the syllabus. Start with a topic that you can cover up faster. Mark the topics that you have finished up and proceed to the next one.It is important to refer good books while studyingWhen you prepare yourself for the National Eligibility Test (NET) it is important that you pick up UGC certified books that will help to clear the basic concepts and the logics and covers up the whole syllabus.Start taking notes When you are preparing for NET or SET exam 2017, then it is important to make sure to prepare short notes for giving the best revision and give away the best way to practice your syllabus. You must underline and highlights the headings, important definition and formulas to help you take better notes during NET or SET exam 2017.It is important to learn the time management skillsYou have to keep your dedicated study hours of six to eight and make sure that you have segregated the topics in this few hours and finish them up by that time, may be by one topic each day. These tips will help you to have a better National Eligibility Test (NET) or SET exam this year.demo


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