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Why do most students prefer a foreign degree after completing their B. Tech in India?

  Updated on : 13/12/2016

 by : Admin

Things have been changing in India when we talk of education and especially when we talk about engineering graduates in India. With a number of growing opportunities in engineering most of the students after their Class 12 are keen to take up engineering and pursue an enlightening career. However, after completing their graduation they show a greater inclination to study abroad than stick to Master Programmes within India. Therefore, if you are doing B.Tech in India do you think that you have to stop your career after that. Is there nothing beyond in research or other fields for engineering graduates in India? Since the B.Tech engineers in India loves to focus on the practical aspects of learning, something that will offer them with greater insights and will help to build a big career. Engineering graduates in India who aspire to work in production or design or may be manufacturing industries sees little scope in India and flies to foreign to build an enchanting career. Since B.Tech in India gets a lot of scope and options to study postgraduate programs in abroad. This could be MS in Engineering or an M.Tech. However, does our Indian colleges does not support an adequate infrastructure that a foreign university can provide.Well, things have started to change and number of universities that provides the same facilities as a foreign university. If the engineering graduates in India are looking for a shining career with post-grad courses, something that will offer them with funding for research, enhanced career support services and other facilities.The cost is also a concern if you are going abroad. Nevertheless, if you pursue for a master degree in India itself after B.Tech in India you can save a lot of money. Most leading universities across the world offer one-year accelerated programs with heavy costs. However, the public universities in India are less expensive and offer attractive options as well. Even these universities provide great placement option to engineering graduates in India.   B.Tech in India thus needs to do a proper research and make a list of those colleges who are offering great infrastructure and courses after B.Tech. so Indian students with a foreign degree is good, but securing a degree staying back at home and wearing a different cap also serves as a filter and makes you distinguishable from others. However, do make sure that the postgraduate college is able to give you the due support. demo


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