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Is BITSAT entrance difficulty level same as that of JEE Main exam?

  Updated on : 08/05/2017

 by : Admin

IITs have earned themselves a tremendous standing on the other side of the world in technical education owing to its credit to a lot of illustrious accomplishments in the past. Millions of engineering applicants toil through nights and days to decode IIT JEE in hope of making it to the hallowed engineering institutions of India. But following the report of Times of India made the headlines, the claims of superiority of IITs were set to rest. In accordance with the TOI report, BITSAT is more aggressive examination than JEE Main. In BITSAT, pupils have to resolve 150 concerns in 180 minutes. In JEE Main, pupils have to solve 90 issues in 180 minutes. JEE Main questions need greater conceptual clarity. BITSAT questions are direct. Candidates with great English stand an increased possibility of deciphering BITSAT. ·         On-Line platform: BITSAT is only an online Test. The number of candidates giving JEE Main off-line is still quite important. Thus for the BITSAT, since many individuals don't practice on-line test, anyone with an adequate custom of giving tests that are on-line develops a cutting edge really easily. ·         Degree of questions: Since, the number of questions in BITSAT are more than JEE Main as well as the time supplied is less, it's quite clear that the degree of difficulty of issues is less as compared with JEE Main, therefore the report of BITSAT is really simpler and one should solve rapidly and economically in less time. ·         Allowance for silly Mistakes: The distribution of marks is more extensive Because the number of candidates fighting for BITSAT is relatively less than number of candidates for JEE Main as well as the maximum a student may score in BITSAT is more. Thus, it's evident that in BITSAT you have a somewhat bigger margin to do some silly mistakes. ·         Level of Competition: whenever you sit for JEE Main, you compete with the toppers of the country whose prime objective to get into the IIT. Now the BITSAT is incredibly close to the JEE Advanced dates and held following the JEE Main. Here, the competition is reduced to a significant amount of a, like many candidates don't prepare well for BITSAT, which reduces the competition and already become quite confident about their JEE. The toppers would even be totally focusing on the JEE Advanced test.·         English & Aptitude Weightage: significant weightage is given by The BITSAT to language and your reasonable abilities. The questions asked need common comprehension in daily life and are quite essential. Scoring a full house here's simple plus it acts just as a bonus section for all. Therefore, while perhaps not for all, this section may give a particular section of candidates an incredibly large advantages. Conclusion: Difficulty level of BITSAT is somewhat simpler than the JEE Main exam yet it enables less time to understudies to tackle each question. Subsequently, applicants ought to concentrate on their speed at this moment. For the individuals who plan for both the engineering entrance tests, additional concentration is required for the English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning areas for BITSAT.demo


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