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TagMyCollege brings you the List of Top Colleges. Our ranking is based on the close evaluation on various factors.
For our List of Top Colleges we taken into consideration various factors like academic result, faculty, infrastructure and facilities and living environment and culture.
Our list comprises of national/state rating, cutoff, placements and fee structure and helps you decide which colleges to focus on for admission in Engineering in India

Indian Institute of Technology logo
ESTD 1959 | Government | AICTE| AICTE Approved

B.Tech + M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering [B.E] |  477,330

Exams List: GATE, JEE Main, AISEE

Admissions: B.Tech + M.Tech in Aerospace Engineering admission 2018

"Love able place good nature atmosphere enjoyable studying safety hoste....."
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SRM University logo
ESTD 1985 | Private | UGC| UGC

B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering [B.E] |  1,010,000


Admissions: B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering admission 2018

"Srm University is located in Chennai with many other branches in other....."
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B.Tech in Computer Engineering [B.E] |  162,500

Exams List: JEE Main

"A centrally funded government college which is in it's growing stage, ...."
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B.E in Electronics and Communication Engineering [B.Tech] |  360,000

Exams List: TNEA, AISEE

"Anand Institute was a famous college & also a part of kalasalingam....."
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Anna University logo
ESTD 1978 | Government | UGC| UGC

B.E in Civil Engineering [B.Tech] |  NaN

Exams List: TANCET, GATE, JEE Main

Admissions: B.E in Civil Engineering admission 2018

"It is the best government college in tiruchirapalli.The college lectur...."
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VELS University logo
ESTD 1992 | Private | UGC| UGC

B.E in Automobile Engineering [B.Tech] |  460,000

Exams List: GATE

Admissions: B.E in Automobile Engineering admission 2018

"It is a good college for study. Faculty are good and have a huge knowl....."
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B.Tech(Lateral Entry) [B.E] |  470,000

Exams List: GATE, VTUEEE

Admissions: B.Tech(Lateral Entry) admission 2018

"my college is best in placements. And teaches creative learning m....."
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B.E (Lateral Entry) [B.Tech (Lateral Entry)]


"Good learning center and good hostel facility but travel arrangements ....."
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B.E (Lateral Entry) [B.Tech (Lateral Entry)] |  180,000

Exams List: VTUEEE



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B.Tech [B.E] |  NaN

Admissions: B.Tech admission 2018

"Only u can study their but no job since 3 yr students i cancelled my a....."
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Top B.Tech Colleges in Chennai

Chennai which is the capital of Tamilnadu is located in the southern most part of the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the major cities in the Southern part of India which is well connected to the rest of the world. Chennai is known for its rich culture and tradition over and above the regional slangs spoken by the natives. One more aspect about which Chennai can feel proud of is the superior quality education it imparts to students studying various courses in Colleges in it. Chennai, in particular, has many Engineering colleges that cater to the demands of engineering and technology students. Owing to this reason, B.Tech studies has received special attention from the educational institutions in Chennai


Pertinent information with respect to B.Tech colleges in Chennai

Ø  Tamilnadu has around 599 B.Tech colleges out of which 115 of them are located in Chennai.

Ø  The cost of studying B.Tech is dependent on various factors like the brand value of the college studied, the mainstream course taken and the duration of the course

Ø  All the 115 B.Tech colleges in Chennai are affiliated to 8 prestigious Universities in the State

Ø  Three main Entrance Exam scores accepted for admission in B.Tech Colleges are

v  JEE Advanced

v  JEE Main


v  NATA+


v  GATE+


Ø  All the 115 B.Tech Colleges in Chennai offer Full Time B.Tech Degree and 1 college offers Part time B.Tech course

Ø  Out of the 115 B.Tech colleges in Chennai92 are approved colleges.

v  90 B.Tech Colleges are approved by AICTE

v  1 B.Tech College is approved by ICAR

v  1 B.Tech College is approved by ICRA

Ø  Chennai B.Tech Colleges offer 3 years, 4 years and 5 years B.Tech courses to students. The split up of the same is

v  6 out of the 115 colleges offer 3 Years B.Tech course

v  All the 115 colleges offer 4 Years B.Tech course

v  6 out of the 115 colleges offer 5Years B.Tech course

Ø  88 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges in Chennai are operated by Private Management and 5 are Government colleges


List of specialization streams offered in Chennai B. Tech Colleges

B.Tech Colleges in Chennai offer approximately 49 types of specialization streams to aspiring students. An in-depth understanding of the specialization streams and the choice of the students will make you understand the demand levels for each specialization. We provide here the detailed list of B.Tech specialization streams and the number of colleges that offer the same. We are sure the students will be able to take a concrete decision pertaining to selection of course after going through the below list.


Ø  102 out of the 115 B.Tech colleges offers Mechanical Engineering stream

Ø  100 out of the 115 B.Tech colleges offer Computer Science and Electronics & Communication stream

Ø  94 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offers Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Ø  91 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offers Civil Engineering

Ø  80 out of the 115 B.Tech colleges offer Information Technology Engineering

Ø  29 out of the 115 B.Tech colleges offer Electronics Engineering stream

Ø  26 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Aerospace Engineering stream

Ø  20 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer biomedical Engineering

Ø  19 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Biotechnology stream

Ø  16 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Chemical Engineering stream

Ø  10 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Automobile Engineering and Industrial Engineering streams

Ø  9 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Ocean and Marine Engineering streams

Ø  8 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Instrumentation Stream and Mechatronics stream

Ø  7 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Bioinformatics stream

Ø  6 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Material Science stream

Ø  5 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Electrical Engineering and Petrochemical Engineering streams

Ø  4 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Agricultural Engineering, Food technology, Manufacturing Engineering and Textile Engineering

Ø  3 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Software Engineering, Food Science Engineering and Polymer Engineering

Ø  2 out of the 115 B.Tech Colleges offer Construction Technology, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Fashion Technology, Mining and Nano technology


The other specialization streams offered by Chennai B.Tech colleges are Ceramic Technology, Leather Technology, Metallurgical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Printing Technology and Robotics


Strategic industry Collaborations

Chennai B.Tech Colleges adds value to every student who pursues higher studies in technology through the strategic collaborations they make with industry leaders. Some such value adding efforts taken by Chennai B.Tech colleges are enlisted below

Ø  Arrange for Internships and Industry visits to

v  Make students ready to face challenging interviews and real time job scenarios in organizations

v  Increase their employability

v  Transform their talents in to outputs

v  Make students realize their strengths as well as weaknesses in a real time work environment

Ø  Create centre of excellence for

v  Developing the learning process for students

v  Making them understand the best practices in real time work scenario

v  Helping them practice professionalism

v  Improving their behavioral and attitudinal aspects

v  Training them thoroughly on Interview Behavioral skills which will help them get placed even before the completion of their B.Tech degree

Ø  Industry Incubation and Integration to

v  Leverage networking capabilities to the effective grooming of every student

v  Promote knowledge of students through lectures by Industry experts

v  Career counsel with the help of real time senior level professionals

v  Improve their knowledge levels through Conferences, Seminars and Organizational meets


All the above information goes to prove to every aspiring student what it means to studying B.Tech in Chennai B.Tech colleges. Chennai’s location which is well connected with every part of the world acts as one of the biggest advantage to outstation students. Every aspiring student must leverage the many advantages they have towards getting admission in Chennai B.Tech colleges. We are sure this will add immense value to each student through their career in the future.