List of Engineering Colleges in Orissa

Tagmycollege brings you the List of Engineering Colleges in Orissa. Our ranking is based on the close evaluation on various factors.
For our List of Engineering Colleges in Orissa we taken into consideration various factors like academic result, faculty, infrastructure and facilities and living environment and culture.
Our list comprises of national/state rating, cutoff, placements and fee structure and helps you decide which colleges to focus on for admission in Engineering in India

Engineering Colleges in Orissa

Orissa have been a home to the ancient university that has attracted thousands of foreign scholars across the world. This mystical land has been a harmonious blend of fascinating environment, plethora of natural wonders, breathtaking beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries but now this state is witnessing a transformation in the field of technical education and research too. Many well-known universities and engineering institutes of natural significance have been opened up. Engineering Colleges in Orissa has offered prolific opportunities to students to become professionals. Their endeavor to provide quality education is highly appreciated by the Indian government. Many government and private engineering institutes have been opened to fulfill the requirement of existing times. Some of them are AICTE approved.


Scenario of Engineering Colleges in Orissa

The state of Orissa is producing many engineering institutes catering the requirement of thousands of students every year. Engineering Colleges in Orissa offers many sub streams of engineering like-


·Electrical Engineering

·Mechanical Engineering

·Civil Engineering

·Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

·Computer Science

·Plastic Engineering and Technology

·Automobile Engineering

·Information Technology

·Manufacturing Engineering

·Electrical Engineering

·Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

·Mining Engineering


An average cost of pursuing engineering from a private college is much higher than a government college. Furthermore, the total cost also increases based on the streams chosen by the candidate.


Credibility of the Engineering Colleges in Orissa

Credibility of the engineering colleges in Orissa rests on the platform of two pillars- First is the moral grounds that includes ethical and political parlance and the other are the campus facilities with high end infrastructure. The infrastructure includes well stocked library, laboratory (IT cum language labs) auditorium, good medical facility, gym, etc. Moreover the trust of the parents also rests on many parameters like competent environment of the engineering institutes, quality education and the professional staff. Orissa engineering colleges ascertains that all the educational parameters are met with excellence while students are admitted to these institutes. Furthermore, the entrance examination also sets the standard of education that is mandatory for the students to qualify and stay competent in the existing environment.  The appointed staffs is assessed based on their qualification, experience and the grounds of morality while curriculum is designed after understanding the engineering standard of other high class institutes.


Infrastructural Facilities:

All the engineering colleges of Orissa maintain superior quality in infrastructure while facilitating high class education system. Orissa is positioned in an outstanding location surrounded by rivers, temples and beaches. Some of the engineering colleges are located next to them and plays a great role in attracting students from various parts of the world. Many students want to pursue their studies in the lap of natural surrounding while being connected with excellent conveyance. Accommodation facilities offered by these engineering institutes rests on many acres of land, lush greenery, well equipped hostel rooms, Wi-Fi facility, 24 hours generators, security etc. The feel of these institutes is equivalent to what they get in their homes. These amenities assist them in concentrating in their studies well while working on their psychological, physical and mental aspects. The references offered by the students who are part of these institutions prompt many others to be part of it. Countless students want to pursue their studies from these colleges and hence entrance examination is conducted so that colleges can extract the gem.


Effective Teaching & Extra Curricular Activities:

The engineering colleges of Orissa never ignore co-curricular activities at any cost. They completely understand the relationship between a fresh mind and a healthy body. It can only be maintained when leisure activities are made an integral part of the engineering colleges. Teaching can be made effective only when students stay stress free and enjoy their studies.  The co-curricular activities can be anything in the form of sports, dance, music, social welfare, indoor games, cultural activities, drama, fine arts, or anything else. Such activities foster happy hormones called endorphins and serotonin in the body and finally create happy learning environment all over. Colleges ensure that proportionate time is allotted to teaching and extracurricular activities. These activities nurture soft skills, team work, leadership qualities, confidence, mode of expression, convincing skills like traits.


Placement Capabilities:

·100% placement is guaranteed in all the engineering institutes.

·Specialized placement cells of the colleges concentrate on each engineering student in respect of their streams.

·They are made part of the regular soft skills and vocational trainings so that they can be presented in the best possible way.

·Specialized professionals are hired by these engineering institutes before campus recruitment exercise takes place.

·Recruitment officials are invited from various industry verticals so that placement in different departments on high positions can be made.

·Organizations working in the sphere of technology are interested in hiring candidates right from the college because they don’t want to spoil their energy, efforts, time and money in search of candidates.

·Engineering colleges also offer rigorous training from the day one to their candidates in respective fields so that they gel up with the organizations after they are hired.